Building Our Dream Home – Master Bedroom Reveal

The time has come to reveal one of my favorite rooms (apart from my master bathroom and closet of course), and that is the Master Bedroom! It was so important to me to create a bedroom that was fresh, bright, clean and happy. As the room has a large wall of windows there is a lot of natural light coming in so I wanted to really capitalize on that.

Let’s explore the details of the Master Bedroom!

The Beginning of the Design

The design for the master bedroom started with embracing the natural light of the room and the Aerin blue and white bedding I found. This influenced the rest of the design for the master bedroom so I wanted to create a beautiful backdrop for this so the bedding can really shine.

The Finishes

I wanted to frame the wall where the bed is positioned so I had a grid wall built onsite and painted in the trim color to match the other trim work. The main wall color is Evans Greige.


I sourced the furniture from a variety of different places because of the specific look and feel I wanted to create. I’ve learned that blue and white needs some black elsewhere in the room so it looks sharp, not too sweet, but just right. 

When I found this bed I knew it was perfect for the room! And while the bed is from Serena and Lily, I actually purchased a used one which I found locally.

The nightstands are actually dressers. I love using reclaimed or antique furniture pieces to make an interior unique. The dressers I found are larger than the average nightstand because I like using oversized furniture pieces to ground a room. These have been centered on the windows.

I added a blue armchair to the corner as an extra pop of color and accent piece. Near the large French doors I chose a white chaise that is slipcovered so it’s easy to zip off and wash. It’s super comfortable and perfect for curling up and reading a book.

On the empty wall opposite the bed I wanted to add something simple yet elegant, so I found this slim alter style console table that has then been styled with ginger jars and books.

Window Treatments

Instead of going down the traditional custom window treatment route, I found an amazing Amazon seller that makes drapery panels. I was able to ask them to leave the first pleat out so it created a flat area for a trim detail. When these arrived I hot glued the trim on to the outer area that was left.

In addition to the drapery panels, I have installed fixed roman shades with a standard store bought roller shade behind. The roman shades are purely decorative, but the roller shade behind has a remote so privacy can be easily achieved while maintaining the pristine look throughout the day.


Instead of using a ceiling light in the center of the room, I have installed a ceiling fan from Fanimation. On the perimeter of the room I have used standard spot lights to fully illuminate the bedroom.

On the nightstands we have used these elegant table lamps that dress the nightstands perfectly. And to create the perfect little reading corner by the white chaise, I have used this floor lamp. It’s a great little corner!


To finish off the master bedroom, I’ve added an array of books, ginger jars, plants and decorative pieces to style the various surfaces.

Firstly I wanted to add a large rug to soften the floor and add some natural texture to the room. It seemed only right to purchase a budget friendly sisal rug. You can spend hundreds and thousands on large rugs but for simple natural textured ones like this, you won’t notice a difference in quality by going cheaper. 

I like to style rooms with faux trees so there’s no need to worry about watering them – or unintentionally killing them! This one is my favorite that I use a lot.

I found a gorgeous black and white abstract piece of artwork that works well for the wall to the left of the bed. For behind the bed, I found a traditional federal mirror to install.

All of these accessories work well together by balancing the blue and white colors with black and dark brown items as grounding items. The natural textures used throughout the room help to add visual interest and comfort throughout too.

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Sharing My Article for Orange & Blue Magazine: “Beyond The Board – 8 Ways To Transform Any Space”

My new article is out in the University of Florida’s Orange & Blue Magazine. Check it out for tips to transform any space!


Thank you to the Orange & Blue staff for having me!



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Building Our Dream Home – Pool Bath Reveal

Next up on the room reveals for our dream home is the Pool Bath! This bathroom is right off our pool so we wanted this to be super practical for both kids and adults to use.

Let’s dive deeper into the design of the Pool Bath. All of the info and products are linked below in a handy Pinterest-ready image. 

*If you’re just joining us, this is another installment of a series documenting the building of our personal dream home.  So far we’ve tackled: Inspiration | Floorplan | Location | Breaking Ground | Roofing | Windows | Insulation | Sheetrock & Plaster  | Selecting Paint Selecting Flooring | Selecting Bathtubs | Selecting Lighting | Selecting Fans | Selecting Cabinets | Powder Room Reveal | Selecting Countertops | Kitchen Reveal | Whole House Reveal | Master Bathroom Reveal

Design Kick-Off

To kick off the design for the pool bathroom, I started with this beautiful wallpaper from Quadrille! I have seen this print before and LOVED it, but didn’t have the right space or project to use it for until now. The big and bold print of the wallpaper is the real showstopper in this bathroom as all the fixtures need to be practical and long lasting, so it was great to use this wallpaper! I kept all the other selections simple to support this wonderful wallpaper.


I wanted to keep the plumbing for the pool bath similar to the other areas of the house but slightly simpler in design. I chose the Bancroft series from Kohler so all the plumbing fixtures are still classic yet modern at the same time. The fixtures are practical for this bathroom while still being in keeping with the rest of the house’s plumbing too. I chose polished nickel as the finish for the plumbing in this bathroom (and most others).

For the shower, I went with the single handle temperature pressure shower head.

Vanity Unit

For the vanity unit I designed a smaller version of the furniture style vanities we have elsewhere in the house. It’s a simple two-door cabinet with furniture style detailing and it makes the room feel like it’s more than just a pool bath! I added simple polished nickel knobs to the doors too.

The Finishes

The finishes for the pool bath are similar to other areas of the house, although the plumbing is polished nickel and we have opted for cheaper finishes here.

I chose a simple white subway tile for the shower walls to keep the costs down. And the shower floor is a white thassos tile, with a contrasting dark blue main floor tile from The Tile Shop.

The paint color in this bathroom is my signature Evans Greige, the same paint color as elsewhere in the house. And to finish the beautiful vanity unit I chose a simple white Quartz countertop.


The accessories here are understated compared to other areas of the house but considering the size of this bathroom, I love the choices made here!

Keeping with the same blue and white theme, the vase was a must-have to tie everything together.

I wanted to add an accent color to this room to give it its own personality. I found these pink Turkish towels and I instantly fell in love! They add a contrast to the space while still making it feel polished and well put together. I then added some pink roses to the vase to bring the whole scheme together.

I love this round mirror that has a slightly more coastal theme. The raw rattan detailing brings warmth to the space and I love how playful it makes the bathroom.

The main lighting for the pool bath is a lovely flush mount fixture from Hudson Valley Lighting called Rye! It pulls the other nickel finishes together to make the space feel cohesive, and this has then been supplemented with a recessed downlight.

And lastly, I picked up the toilet paper holder from Kohler too in the same range as the plumbing!

I am so pleased with how the bathroom turned out! It’s fun and interesting and still works with the rest of the house.

I gathered up all of the info, complete with links, and put them in a Pinterest real board below. Be sure to “Pin It” for future reference.


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Building Our Dream Home – Master Closet Reveal

What do you do when you REALLY want to create the closet of your dreams, but don’t have the budget for it?  You know, the closet that you see in all of the magazines…fresh, bright, light…organized with tons of storage. Custom closets like this can easily cost over $30K. Well, I spent about a tenth of that and created my own perfect dream closet using IKEA and Walmart. Really!

In this reveal post I’m dissecting the design of my Master Closet so you can design and build something similar. Don’t worry, all of the links are below along with a handy-dandy image to pin on Pinterest for future reference. It’s all the way at the bottom of the post. 

OK, so let’s walk through it together!

The Dream of a dream Closet

Most women have their vision of a dream closet, and I’m no different. I’ve dreamed of having my very own walk-in closet space for as long as I can remember, so designing this for the new dream house really is a dream come true.

Carrie Bradshaw understands

where to begin

Instead of going down the custom cabinetry route, I decided to use a premed “system” and adapt it to what I wanted. I have seen a TON of different lines over the years, from Home Depot to The Container Store, to IKEA.

It was actually a no brainer no use the IKEA PAX system. It is relatively cheap (or at least cost effective compared to custom cabinetry) and there are lots of bells and whistles you can add on to fully customize it.

Basic IKEA PAX system

IKEA's pax system

The IKEA website really walks you through the process. The basic PAX system is comprised of empty bookcase-style units, called wardrobes, that are available in 3 widths, 2 depths and 2 heights. You can create a floorpan easily there and play around with all of the configurations. 

Basic wardrobe units...look at that pricing!

I created my room and played around with the configurations. A few slight tweaks were made to this, but this is the basic layout. It leaves the corners of the room unused and that’s fine with me. I hate having things fall into corners where you can’t reach. The PAX system has units that extend into the corners, if you’d like to use them. 

I knew we would be adding “fillers” with wood to make it all look seamless, so I didn’t worry about the gaps either. 

Overhead view of the layout

Once you have it all set, it spits out a plan with instructions and a product list for you. It even tells you which holes to count up to and use.  I ordered everything online and had it delivered. Done and done!

First page of the product list

and a few additions

Finishing off the top of the PAX system was crucial to the success of this closet design. My husband built a platform on the ground all of the way around, along with a top rise and crown to make the whole run of storage areas appear taller and to get the crown up and over the window frame. 

Starting to come together!

For the window area we built in a window seat which has become a fabulous space to either put shoes on or sit and relax before starting the day. This built in window seat has been made with the same detailing as other parts of the PAX add-ons we did so everything looks cohesive.

Now, let’s talk about the $1 secret to the whole closet! See my cute little sidekick? He’s putting in 3200 of these little plug-ins to cover the holes for the adjustable shelves. I actually paid him, along with my daughter’s best friend, to put these in. (Thanks Grace!)  This is the key…believe me when I tell you that this is what makes the closet look complete and finished. They were 100 for a $1 and they made the whole closet look seamless. See below for the info. Total game changer!

the Reveal

I love you...
I really love you!

I am beyond pleased with how this came together! It’s bright, fresh, clean, organized…everything I wanted!

All the details

All the fun trays, pull outs and details are what made this closet so special. Let’s take a look!

top tips

  • Use white cabinetry. It looks rich and it’s easy to add color matched trim
  • Glass shelves are your friend! Use them wherever you can
  • Pick one hanger and stick with it. Buy extras for future use
  • Find a basket or storage solution you like and repeat it
  • Fill in the holes where the adjustable shelves go
  • Use valet rods wherever you can
  • Have mirrors cut to back your open bookshelves
  • Line your drawers with paper that smells amazing!

Something that made a HUGE difference was selecting a key piece to repeat throughout. The Container Store Hamptons basket is repeated throughout the closet so it keeps the whole space looking and feeling clean.

To soften the large window, I added a linen fixed roman shade with an automated roller shade behind for privacy. Layering window treatments in this way allows you to have the flexibility you need for privacy while always maintaining a polished and finished look.

To keep the closet feeling light and fresh we used glasswork shelves throughout to help keep things open. We also backed the open shelves with mirrors to reflect more light around the room, and to make it appear more  luxurious. Adding valet rods where needed throughout too.

A key element of the master closet that is a non-negotiable finishing touch is the hangers. Gone are the days of using mixed hangers! I’ve chosen one style of hanger only, and stuck with it for everything. This one, seemingly small detail makes the world of difference to the final look of any closet.

I had always dreamt of having a built-in island in my closet, but honestly it just seemed too big and invasive. I added an inexpensive round table in the center to make an island instead. I always make sure this is topped with fresh flowers or a plant.

Above the table I chose this gorgeous caged style pendant light from Hudson Valley!

ALL the links

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 

So what do you think? I’d love to hear! I you have any questions about the IKEA PAX system, let me know! I’m happy to share my product list or help you in any way I can. 


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Building Our Dream Home – Master Bathroom Reveal

As one of my favorite rooms of the new house, the next room I’m revealing is the Master Bathroom! A beautiful oasis and sanctuary away from the living areas, and a room I love to get ready in every morning. It’s perfect and I hope you love it just as much as me!

Let’s get into the details of the Master Bath!

*If you’re just joining us, this is another installment of a series documenting the building of our personal dream home.  So far we’ve tackled: Inspiration | Floorplan | Location | Breaking Ground | Roofing | Windows | Insulation | Sheetrock & Plaster  | Selecting Paint Selecting Flooring | Selecting Bathtubs | Selecting Lighting | Selecting Fans | Selecting Cabinets | Powder Room Reveal | Selecting Countertops | Kitchen Reveal | Whole House Reveal

The Start of the Design

The design for the master bathroom started with the main floor tile. I chose a hexagonal Calcutta marble mosaic that features a central square in each tile. It was quarantined in Italy for 6 months but we happily moved into our dream home with bare concrete floors until it all arrived.

These floor tiles were a splurge but as the main floor tile it was definitely worth it!!

To make up for the floor tile expense, we kept the shower tile inexpensive but made it more interesting and premium looking by adding a marble crown and base. I chose these hexagonal mosaic tiles for the shower flooring to create a more slip resistant surface.

A Show-Stopping Feature

The highlight and main feature of the master bathroom is the bathtub. When I was selecting bathtubs I knew I wanted a show-stopper that felt like a piece of art in the room.

The freestanding bath is from MTI – it’s luxurious and the highlight of the master bath. Everything was then chosen to reinforce its sculptural beauty. For example, we added wainscotting behind the tub to set the stage for it to really shine.


For the plumbing in the master bath we kept the fixtures traditional and chose the Kohler Artifacts line in polished nickel. Nickel is a warmer tone that works better with the wood finishes and marble than a chrome finish would.

Top Tip: If you have a freestanding bathtub and need a tub filler, start there. There are only a few to choose from that you’ll like and from there you can select the shower and sink faucets to correspond with the filler.

As always, we worked with Carson’s Cabinetry  in Florida for our custom cabinets. They were made to look like furniture  with a more “dining room sideboard” look. For storage it has a few inches less than your standard vanity unit because of the elongated legs, but it’s all drawers and they’re super functional. In fact – I have more space than I need

Using a Kohler Undermount Sink, this Sink Faucet and Lever Handles, with House of Antique Hardware to finish the look off. Wall Sconces from Hudson Valley.

To dress the vanity units, I added actual furniture hardware from House of Antique Hardware to it so it keeps with the furniture feel. The center area is bumped out to give the cabinets more visual interest and character. This central area detail really gives a more traditional feel while the rest of the room is more modern and sleek.

Vanity unit hardware is from House of Antique Hardware.

For the countertops we used the same Calcutta gold marble as the kitchen as the slabs were just stunning at the stone yard!

Above the vanity units, a large inset framed mirror simplifies the wall and finishes the silhouette off beautifully. The mirrors also allow for the wall sconces to shine through too. We added a makeup mirror in polished nickel to add extra functionality.

Other Details

I added a fixed roman shade to the window that features an automatic roller shade behind for privacy. This way, the window always looks good!

Next to the bathtub we framed out a mirror to the left to mimic the glass graces in the shower. I love symmetry so this was the perfect addition! Plus is reflects light and opens up the bathtub area even more.

Within the shower we added builtin niches and shelves. I actually brought my shampoo bottles to site one day to make sure the shelf sizes were *just right*! And I made sure to measure and test out the lower builtin ledge for my foot to shave my legs. Being able to measure these practical things on site is a huge advantage because it takes all the guessing out of it!

The wall color here is the same Evans Greige as the rest of the house. Using the same paint color as the other rooms helps to keep everything cohesive, feeling light and fresh.

If you needed any more proof that mixing metals is definitely okay – my new master bathroom is the perfect example! Using bronze doorknobs, Antigua bronze cabinet hardware, polished nickel plumbing and sconces, finished off with a brushed gold chandelier. We couldn’t have used any more metals in this bathroom if we tried!

So there you have it! The Master Bathroom in Our Dream Home! What do you think? I hope you love it as much as we do!


Pin the image below for future reference!

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