Building Our Dream Home – Master Bathroom Reveal

As one of my favorite rooms of the new house, the next room I’m revealing is the Master Bathroom! A beautiful oasis and sanctuary away from the living areas, and a room I love to get ready in every morning. It’s perfect and I hope you love it just as much as me!

Let’s get into the details of the Master Bath!

*If you’re just joining us, this is another installment of a series documenting the building of our personal dream home.  So far we’ve tackled: Inspiration | Floorplan | Location | Breaking Ground | Roofing | Windows | Insulation | Sheetrock & Plaster  | Selecting Paint Selecting Flooring | Selecting Bathtubs | Selecting Lighting | Selecting Fans | Selecting Cabinets | Powder Room Reveal | Selecting Countertops | Kitchen Reveal | Whole House Reveal

The Start of the Design

The design for the master bathroom started with the main floor tile. I chose a hexagonal Calcutta marble mosaic that features a central square in each tile. It was quarantined in Italy for 6 months but we happily moved into our dream home with bare concrete floors until it all arrived.

These floor tiles were a splurge but as the main floor tile it was definitely worth it!!

To make up for the floor tile expense, we kept the shower tile inexpensive but made it more interesting and premium looking by adding a marble crown and base. I chose these hexagonal mosaic tiles for the shower flooring to create a more slip resistant surface.

A Show-Stopping Feature

The highlight and main feature of the master bathroom is the bathtub. When I was selecting bathtubs I knew I wanted a show-stopper that felt like a piece of art in the room.

The freestanding bath is from MTI – it’s luxurious and the highlight of the master bath. Everything was then chosen to reinforce its sculptural beauty. For example, we added wainscotting behind the tub to set the stage for it to really shine.


For the plumbing in the master bath we kept the fixtures traditional and chose the Kohler Artifacts line in polished nickel. Nickel is a warmer tone that works better with the wood finishes and marble than a chrome finish would.

Top Tip: If you have a freestanding bathtub and need a tub filler, start there. There are only a few to choose from that you’ll like and from there you can select the shower and sink faucets to correspond with the filler.

As always, we worked with Carson’s Cabinetry  in Florida for our custom cabinets. They were made to look like furniture  with a more “dining room sideboard” look. For storage it has a few inches less than your standard vanity unit because of the elongated legs, but it’s all drawers and they’re super functional. In fact – I have more space than I need

Using a Kohler Undermount Sink, this Sink Faucet and Lever Handles, with House of Antique Hardware to finish the look off. Wall Sconces from Hudson Valley.

To dress the vanity units, I added actual furniture hardware from House of Antique Hardware to it so it keeps with the furniture feel. The center area is bumped out to give the cabinets more visual interest and character. This central area detail really gives a more traditional feel while the rest of the room is more modern and sleek.

Vanity unit hardware is from House of Antique Hardware.

For the countertops we used the same Calcutta gold marble as the kitchen as the slabs were just stunning at the stone yard!

Above the vanity units, a large inset framed mirror simplifies the wall and finishes the silhouette off beautifully. The mirrors also allow for the wall sconces to shine through too. We added a makeup mirror in polished nickel to add extra functionality.

Other Details

I added a fixed roman shade to the window that features an automatic roller shade behind for privacy. This way, the window always looks good!

Next to the bathtub we framed out a mirror to the left to mimic the glass graces in the shower. I love symmetry so this was the perfect addition! Plus is reflects light and opens up the bathtub area even more.

Within the shower we added builtin niches and shelves. I actually brought my shampoo bottles to site one day to make sure the shelf sizes were *just right*! And I made sure to measure and test out the lower builtin ledge for my foot to shave my legs. Being able to measure these practical things on site is a huge advantage because it takes all the guessing out of it!

The wall color here is the same Evans Greige as the rest of the house. Using the same paint color as the other rooms helps to keep everything cohesive, feeling light and fresh.

If you needed any more proof that mixing metals is definitely okay – my new master bathroom is the perfect example! Using bronze doorknobs, Antigua bronze cabinet hardware, polished nickel plumbing and sconces, finished off with a brushed gold chandelier. We couldn’t have used any more metals in this bathroom if we tried!

So there you have it! The Master Bathroom in Our Dream Home! What do you think? I hope you love it as much as we do!


Pin the image below for future reference!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15



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Thanksgiving Table With Nothing Over $10

Thanksgiving tables don’t need to be expensive to look amazing!

This year, while we’re building our “Dream Home”, we are in a rental that won’t hold our 14+ crowd for Thanksgiving. I’ve decided to take it outside and create a casual, but chic table right on the property. I love how it turned out and I spent NO MORE THAN $10 ON ANYTHING! Let’s take a look…every single item is linked below.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

Click on the numbers above… or let’s walk through it together.

Flatware in champagne gold. Each piece came in at $1.31 (on sale)

Water goblets $4 each (now on sale for even less!)

Tablecloths from Tablecloth Factory at under $6 each

Burlap runner $7.99

Wood-look charger plates $1.99 each

Lamb’s ear garland $9.99 each

White plates $2.99 (on sale)

Gray fabric napkins $2 each (on sale)

Gold pumpkins on each plate $2.50 each

Glass bubble vase $3.99 each

Gold mercury candleholder $5.99

White candles $3 each

Twine $5.99

Acorn filler $2.99

Farm chairs rented for $8 each from PRE Events

Soup tureen used for centerpiece $9.99 (from TJMaxx)

Candleholders were on Facebook Marketplace for $8 each! You can find the originals on WSHome.

Here’s a handy dandy chart for your Pinterest board.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear!


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Building Our Dream Home – Whole House Reveal!

Inspiration and the Start of Our Journey

It feels very nostalgic to be reflecting back on where we started with our dream home project but having finished the house it’s amazing to see how we have made it our own along the way.

The journey for our dream home started with finding the perfect location and plot of land to build on. Based in Florida there are many lots available so this stage didn’t take us too long. You can catch up here.

While we were searching for the right lot I was saving as much inspirational images as Pinterest could possibly allow me! Drawing inspiration from the Hamptons, our dream home was to be a true Hampton’s oasis but located in Florida. 

I wanted a fresh feeling home, full of classical accents. Dark floors (read more about that here), light walls, wall panelling and plenty of blue and white furniture and decorative accessories to nod towards the Hamptons.

A quick reminder of our inspirational mood board:


I knew exactly what I wanted for the exterior…cedar shakes! Lots of them! We have to have these brought down from Canada, as they are not typically used in our area. It was definitely worth the wait.

Choosing the windows and roofing were key stages of the exterior design. In particular, getting the colors right here was important! We wanted a light colored house but not white, and nothing dark either because of being in the sunshine state.

Catch up on our Windows, Roofing and Insulation journey!

Interior Finishes


Then we saw some interior design decisions getting made! And I could really start to put our own stamp on the house. When the plaster was installed I made a start on finding the perfect paint color and ended up creating our own Evans Greige to do the job!


I chose a dark hardwood flooring for throughout the house. This was a huge deal for me because the only rooms that wouldn’t have wood floor were some of the bathrooms. It was a tough decision as the choice is so vast! But with the help from the amazing team at Shaw Floors my dream started to become a reality. I was lucky enough to go to Shaw’s headquarters to see everything they had to offer (read all about that here) and I found the perfect wood floor! Classic, rich and perfect for me.

Hands down, Shaw Floors is the go to in my book.  They lead the design field in fresh, new introductions and have a quality that’s unmatched. Clients love them and so do I. I LOVE my new Shaw Floors hardwood, like I’m in love with it. I’m happy I went with my gut and selected classic dark hardwood.

So it’s about time I shared some finished photos of the inside of the house! Here’s the wood flooring in the foyer in all it’s glory:

Even the transition from the stair to landing on the second floor is beautiful! The contrast between the dark floor and light paint used throughout is exactly how I’d envisioned it. I am so happy we went with this wood flooring!

Living Room

From the foyer you enter the double-height living room that also connects to the kitchen and breakfast area. My family and I spend so much time here particularly during the winter so I’m over the moon with the final look!

Here are some of the styling details from the living room:


This is where we really live…all day every day. I wanted something light and bright, clean and fresh. With a nod to my very favorite Kitchen designer (Christopher Peacock), I designed this Kitchen as a hub for the home. I couldn’t be more pleased with it! You can read ALL about the design in detail here.

Breakfast Area

That brings us nicely into the breakfast area which is off to the side of the kitchen and open-plan with the main living room area too.

I chose a round dining table for the center of the space, sat atop a jute round rug. The table is a mid-wood color so it doesn’t match the floor but stands alone in its own right. The chairs are a chic Hamptons style wooden chair that complements the paint color used, and softened with a French blue vinyl seat. If you know how my family eats, you know we need vinyl seats!

Pool Bath

Adjacent to the pool outside and the kids’ playroom, sits a Pool Bathroom. I wanted something fun and exciting, drenched in color and pattern. I think I achieved it! Bright, cobalt blue, hand stamped wallpaper is the feature, so we kept everything else clean. Navy herringbone tile with white every else allows the paper to shine. Stay tuned for a separate post with all the details to come.


The playroom is tucked away out of sight behind the kitchen and breakfast area opposite the powder room.

I wanted to create a fun space that the kids can enjoy and that can later be turned into more of a games room when my youngest reaches his teens. Using simple slipcover sofas, a leather ottoman and fun world mural to one of the walls – this is such a great room to have tucked away for the kids! (And I can confirm that they love to play in here!) Having a room dedicated to toys has been a game changer because all the mess is contained.

Let’s go to the other side of the first floor to the Master Suite!

Master Bedroom

Taking inspiration from my designer crush Mark D.Sikes I wanted to create a light and airy sanctuary for my husband and I to enjoy after a long day at work. Keeping with the same paint color as throughout the rest of the home, I started with a rustic area rug and built the interior design scheme from there.

Master Bathroom

Clean and fresh…but rich and interesting, that was my formula for this bathroom. We started with a splurge on the main tile, supported it with a very simple, inexpensive shower tile which all allowed the star of the room, the gorgeous MTI Bathtub to shine. I wanted a nod to a classic credenza for the cabinetry and I think we achieved it. Gorgeous!

Master Walk-in Closet

My dream closet, finally achieved. Every single inch of this closet has been designed to provide a beautiful and restful space to start and end each day. The gorgeous hardwood floors ground the space and the crisp white cabinetry allows the clothes to shine. IKEA? No, this can’t be IKEA. Well, it is. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to all the details. You won’t even believe it!

Daughter’s Bedroom and Bathroom

One of my daughters still lives with us and as she’s growing into a young woman I wanted to give her a space that she could put her own creative stamp on! We kept the design simple with an upholstered bed, dressing table that can double up as a desk for her studies and some fun decorative accessories to pull it all together.

I’m pleased to say that she loves it just as much as me!

Guest Bedroom

And last but not least, is the Guest Bedroom and Bathroom. I have designed this bedroom to be a complete sanctuary and home away from home for whoever stays. The bathroom has been designed with a statement wallpaper and a coastal inspired wall mirror to tie in the design with the rest of the house.

So, after 2 years…many obstacles and detours…we have finally completed our Dream Home. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you for sharing the journey with us!

We’d love to thank our partners on this project:

Shaw Floors

HVL Lighting


Proline Hoods

Andersen Windows


I’d love to know what you think, please leave your comments below. 



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Building Our Dream Home – Kitchen Reveal

Well, we are all moved in and I’m happy to report we are FINALLY ready to start revealing some of our rooms! Yay! It’s been an interesting journey to say the least.

Today, I am so pleased to be able to take you through the new Kitchen Reveal! Alllll the photos are down below, along with all the details!

*If you’re just joining us, this is another installment of a series documenting the building of our personal dream home.  So far we’ve tackled: Inspiration | Floorplan | Location | Breaking Ground | Roofing | Windows | Insulation | Sheetrock & Plaster  | Selecting Paint Selecting Flooring | Selecting Bathtubs | Selecting Lighting | Selecting Fans | Selecting Cabinets | Powder Room Reveal | Selecting Countertops

Inspiration for the Design

If you haven’t already seen my Selecting Cabinets blog post I shared my main source of inspiration for the design of the kitchen cabinets and island. Here’s a quick recap!

The kitchen is open plan with the double-height family room adjacent, overlooking the English Garden and placed smack in the middle of the mudroom and playroom…making it quite a huge space and a central “hub”. We always knew we wanted an open plan kitchen space as we love to cook and socialize with our kids. For that reason a large island was a non-negotiable! Plus I wanted a feature range hood and some glass fronted cabinets, too.

Throughout my years as a designer I have been truly inspired by the cabinetry work by Christopher Peacock. In case you missed it, I dedicated a whole blog post on his beautiful work and my mildly obsessive design crush.  You can go back and swoon over here. I absolutely love how he uses a variety of finishes throughout his work and pairs this with traditional furniture style cabinets. For our dream home there was no question about who I would draw inspiration from for our cabinets.

Amazing inspiration photo from Christopher Peacock

I decided to create my own formula of paint for the walls and cabinets called Evans Greige! You can read more about how I made our paint color selections here.

For the floors…dark wood was a must. I love how it grounds the space and makes everything else look so rich. We used these Shaw Floors in throughout the home and couldn’t be happier!


From this gorgeous inspiration image, I got to work with my amazing cabinet makers! We worked with our go-to local cabinetmaker, here in Florida, Carson’s Cabinetry & Design. I cannot say enough about them! Their quality and craftsmanship is fantastic and, best of all, they are reliable and easy to work with.

Planning the kitchen so the design was practical and stylish at the same time was the top priority. I wanted a modern feeling space that would also last us for many, many years – a timeless but fresh kitchen was the goal!

This is the final floor plan for the kitchen:

Drawing by Carson's Cabinetry & Design

For the cabinets here, design-wise I want them to look like furniture. The base helps to make them look built in. And having them painted in white were – and always will be – the choice for me. I love the clean and light look because it’s a timeless classic but also looks contemporary.

And here’s a 3D view of the kitchen cabinets!

I absolutely LOVE the design of the cabinets! A modern classic that will never go out of style. Drawing by Carson's Cabinetry & Design

I knew I wanted to do something different in this kitchen. So in the main run of cabinets – either side of the range area – I decided to stack glass cabinets on top of the countertop. These cabinets will be great for storing glasses, vases and other display-worthy items!

Inset cabinets were a must-have for me. They are more expensive (by about 30%) but they’re definitely worth it! They really create that furniture feel which is exactly what I wanted. And as we plan to live in this house for many years – it was a no brainer to go the extra mile!The detailing at the base of the cabinets make them look more built-in and furniture-like which I absolutely love. And we had them painted in our signature Evans Greige paint color!



I chose to pair our neutral kitchen cabinets with Calacutta Gold countertops! You can catch up with the design process in my previous blog post on Selecting Countertops.

Gorgeous marble from UMI


With the main sink in the kitchen island it was important to choose good quality plumbing fixtures here!

For the sink I knew I wanted to use a Kohler product because they are a reliable brand that design and supply fantastic sinks. Under mount sinks look more premium and modern so that narrowed down the search, and I love the cast iron material used for this one (and I can confirm – I love it!)

Next up is the kitchen faucet to go with the under mount sink!

As the general design direction for the kitchen is classic, modern and Hamptons inspired, I decided to get a more traditional and classic looking faucet that features a bridge design. It also has a side spray! I chose the polished nickel finish to match the hardware.


 Sub-Zero and Wolf have always been on my dream appliance list!

First up is the range. This 48″ Wolf range anchors the rear wall and was definitely a splurge. I was able to configure it just how I like…4 burners, a griddle and a grill. Perfect!

I also selected two 30” refrigerator and freezer combo! Having lots of space available for entertaining and when all the family are over was crucial.

And for the dishwasher we chose the 24” panel front from Sub-Zero  and the microwave too.


As the jewels to the kitchen cabinets, hardware plays an important part of the overall design for the kitchen so getting it right is key!

To begin with, I considered using brass to really make the design “pop” and would give a modern and trendy look but after careful consideration, I settled with polished nickel. It’s a classic finish that works perfectly with the tones running through the marble of the countertops. I also feel like nickel for the hardware is more timeless than something like brass.

Again I took some inspiration from Christopher Peacock, and I reference this amazing blog post by Willow Decor! They go through each piece of hardware that Peacock uses for his kitchens – including some funny looking latches that actually make the design too! – so it’s well worth the read if you’re a fan.

Now I’ll take you through some of the hardware choices.

I have chosen these cup cabinet pull style handles for the drawers as they are really practical and give a farmhouse style feel to the drawers:

And for the main tall cabinets I’ve gone for these slightly icebox latches! I really like these because they’re modern with a slight traditional feel.

I chose these BEAUTIFUL cabinet latches for the super high-up cabinets above and the glass fronted ones. I’m in love with them!!

And of course, I had to choose some classic knobs for some of the smaller drawers and cabinets.


I added some back-less counter stools to the island to create a casual and more social area to the kitchen. The stools are a rustic find and really emphasizes the farmhouse detailing I wanted throughout!


The pendant lights above the kitchen island were another huge detail for the space that I wanted to get right, and knew they would make or break the kitchen! These gorgeous Polished Nickel lights are from Hudson Valley, of course!


Range Hood

For our dream kitchen we had a custom hood made from the cabinet company for the width of the range area. This makes the range a real feature of the kitchen with the marble splash back. It looks pretty and matches the cabinetry, but really it’s just a shell…what’s underneath is the amazing part! We used ProLine‘s hood insert inside this and love it. It’s super quiet and does it’s job to perfection! What I really am drawn to with style of range hood is this is the fact that you can have the workhorse of the Kitchen built in basically. Once you use something like this, there’s no going back!

Proline's 48" Hurricane Range Hood can't even see it, but it's there...working to perfection!

Drawer Inserts

Drawer inserts are an absolute MUST for anyone getting custom kitchen cabinets made! (In fact – they are a must-have for pretty much everyone!) Everything is well organized in this kitchen, thanks to the amazing drawer inserts – it will make cooking and any preparation so much easier for everyone.

Including knife slots for this drawer was a no brainer! It reduces any risk of injuries because the blades are all facing downwards instead of getting mixed up / upside down in a normal open space drawer.

These slanted inserts are AMAZING for storing herbs and other small jars:

I love the separate compartments of this drawer! Perfect for all those kitchen utensils that would previously get shoved into whatever spare drawer I can find! It is so much easier to see what you have in each drawer with these inserts:


So…what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts! We are in LOVE!

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7 Designer Secrets You Need To Know

Spitting on your finger to hang the perfect artwork? Stuffing pillows that are too big into covers for the perfect fit? Stacks on stacks on stacks of coffee table book? Yes, yes and yes! These finishing touches make the room! Over the past 20+ years, I’ve collected seven of my favorite and today I’m revealing them to you. 

1. Buy Coffee Table Books You Love

One of the very best tips I have is to splurge on coffee table books you’re drawn to. They are super useful for adding dimension and height to coffee tables, console tables and bookshelves. Stack them, lean them, even open them and you’ve instantly elevated your design. Using topics you love (gardens, photography, you name it) or places you’ve traveled is the perfect way to inject a bit of personality into your room. Want to really take it up a notch? Have some of your favorite family photos made into a custom coffee table book.

perfect tabletop vignette with books {pursuit of style}
beautiful coffee table styling {the zhush}
these books help ground smaller brass items {swoonworthy}
two books stacks {ceresbr1}
the more the merrier {domino}

2. Create Your Own Paint Color

Can’t settle on the perfect color for your room? Love your sample but fear it’s too dark? Create your own color by having the paint store cut the color you love by half or a third. It will give you the same color, but with less intensity. Bonus, no one else will have it and you can name it whatever you’d like!

benjamin moore “sleigh bells” at 50% {studio mcgee}
sleigh bells sample {benjamin moore}
sleigh bells at full strength, maybe a little darker than you want {your design nest}

3. Layer Rugs

Rugs can be expensive, like super expensive. A perfect alternative to breaking your budget is to layer a smaller version of the pricey rug you have your eye on, ON TOP OF a less expensive rug. A basic sisal rug can be found very moderately priced and serves a a rich, textural backdrop for a more “statement” piece. Think large, solid, inexpensive as the base rug and smaller, richer, even trendier as the top layer. The result is stunning and something you don’t see everywhere.

this inexpensive dhurrie rug looks great overtop of an inexpensive sisal {decorpad}
a rich zebra painted cow hide stuns overtop of a basic sisal {kate jackson}
a natural cowhide livens up this basic seagrass rug {domino}

4. Buy Your Pillow Inserts One Size Larger Than Your Cover

No one wants a wimpy pillow. You know the kind; lifeless, pathetic and downright distracting. Purchase the pillow insert the next size up and you’ve instantly given the pillow (and room, really) a makeover. For example, for a 20″ pillow cover, I use a 22″ insert. A 18″ cover gets a 20″ insert and so on. While your at it, splurge on a down or synthetic down fill. Full, down pillows are one of the easiest ways to revive a room!

the proof {domestic imperfection}
plump pillow perfection {dimples and tangles}
perfect pillows {lynn morgan}

5. To Hang Artwork, Use Your Eye and Hand Height

It can be scary to hang the piece of artwork you love on big, bare wall.  Hanging it over a fireplace or a piece of furniture you love isn’t any easier. Too high or too low really cheapens the piece and the room overall. My rule of thumb, if hanging on a bare wall, is to hold the piece in front of you so that the CENTER of the art is AROUND your eye level, then go up just a smidge. Scientific, I know, but it works every single time. 🙂 The rule of thumb when hanging over a piece of furniture or fireplace is to use the WIDTH of your HAND(S) for the correct spacing above. Just place your hand sideways, then place the other on top (sideways) and you have the perfect spacing somewhere in-between the first and second hand. No measuring! Once you’ve settled on the height, lick your finger, slide your hand up, feel for the wire behind and tap on the wall where you want the nail to go. Gross, I know, but it saves a whole lot of measuring. Just don’t tell anyone what you did, it’ll be our little secret.

hung at eye level center and looks perfect! {the decorista}
another center eye level {better home and gardens}
umm, this is too high {social survival}
hand width above a fireplace, works for mirrors too {traditional home}
tory burch’s home, art hung perfectly above the mantle {tory burch}

6. Keep High, High and Low, Low

When you’re putting together the perfect tabletop vignette, it’s hard to know what to put where. Stacking items on books and choosing frames to use? It’s overwhelming. Keeping the taller pieces “high” and the shorter pieces “low” will create an interesting, layered display. For example, start with a tall lamp, then keep your books low, add a frame in the middle and you have an interesting flow. If you had chosen a shorter lamp, stacked your books up too high and selected a frame around the same height, you’d end up with one level throughout, which isn’t nearly as interesting.

nice flow, high to the sides and low in the center {the pink clutch}

vignette perfection! high to the left, low to the right {mimosa lane}

all one height, could look much better with varying heights {vanity fair}

7. Add Dimmers EVERYWHERE

What’s cheap and will instantly transform your entire home? Dimmers! I don’t want to oversell this, but they are literally life changing. Literally. 🙂 Adding dimmers to your main living areas will completely transform the space, I promise. Harsh, overly lit rooms suddenly become soft, candlelit looking spaces. I actually suggest having them everywhere, like in every single room.  Don’t believe me? Try just one and see what you think. You can go with a basic version, fancy smart versions, or even one made just for lamps. It’s super easy to switch out your current old-school switches for new dimmers. You can get them at Lowes, Home Depot or even order them online and it takes under 10 minutes. Home Depot has a quick tutorial here.

warm ambience in this dining room {ownby design}

dimmers allow for softer lighting here {leviton}

what a dimmer looks like, in case you didn’t know 😉 {elemental led}

And a handy dandy pin for your Pinterest boards!

Well, there you have it. Seven designer secrets that I just had to share. Do you think you might try one? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? I would love to hear them, please comment below!



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