Toddler + Teen Playroom | One Room Challenge, Week 6

We’ve made it to the big reveal of my One Room Challenge Toddler + Teen Playroom. I’m so happy with how the room turned out and beyond excited for it to be put to use!

As a reminder, here is the before. Yuck.

And now, here’s the after!

I love how this has turned out, a place for my little man to go crazy and a spot for my teen to “chill”. I envisioned cutting the room in half and that’s basically what we did, diagonally. The duplicate rugs tie the two sides together, along with a cohesive color scheme. Neutral can be boring, but I don’t feel like it is here. We keep the flow from the rest of the house and still have a little fun in here with the map and accessories.


The wall of heads is probably my favorite. The room opens up diagonally and this is the feature wall across from you. Bam! It’s fun, colorful and unique. 🙂 My teen has pointed out that hanging puppy heads are a little morbid, but I’m going to choose to ignore that minor fact.


Black and white throughout ties everything together. It’s repeated in the pillows, rugs, walls, teepee, and more.


Lulu, the dog, is not impressed. But, she coordinates with room!


So, we did it! An actual room for my little guy and teen girl to coexist in. What do you think? I would absolutely love to hear your comments!


Rugs | Bookcases | Map | Baskets | Canvas storage bins | Play table | End table | Lamp

Animal heads | Hello sign | Pillows | Paint | Tree | Console table

Ceiling fan | Teepee | Storage ottoman | Light up star | Happy place artwork


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