Holiday Gift Guide: $12 Stocking Stuffers

Not sure how to fill up the rest of the stockings this Christmas? These Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide is full of brilliant stocking ideas!

Bar Soap – A classic stocking stuffer! Choose from multiple scents

Volcano Hand Cream – Another great stocking stuffer idea, especially for those that love skincare

Agate Coasters – Add these stylish coasters to a stocking!

Volcano Candle – Candles are always a good idea!

Rose Spray – This spray can be used for a variety of things, which is why it’s a great stocking stuffer!

Zebra Bag – This cute bag is great for stockings!

2023 Planner – Planners or notebooks make great stocking stuffers! Perfect for those who love organizing and writing

Cookie Mix – Everyone loves baking cookies

Bath Bomb – Another stocking staple!

Gloves – Live in a cold state? Gloves are always needed!

Monogrammed Tumbler – A cute personalized tumbler is a great idea for stockings

Fur Slippers – These slippers make a cute addition to any stocking!

Candle – Another great stocking stuffer!

Mittens – Cute mittens like these are perfect for the winter

Fenty Lipstick – With multiple shades available, Fenty lipstick is a great stocking stuffer

Keychain – Another cute extra for adding into a stocking!

Gua Sha – Have a skincare lover? This gua sha is perfect for their stocking!

Ice Roller – Another good idea for a skincare lover

Ice Ball Maker – A fun ice ball maker that can be used for lots of drinks or even sorbet

Earbud Cleaning Kit – This cleaning kit is super handy for anyone with AirPods or earbuds!

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