Building Our Dream Home – Master Bedroom Reveal

The time has come to reveal one of my favorite rooms (apart from my master bathroom and closet of course), and that is the Master Bedroom! It was so important to me to create a bedroom that was fresh, bright, clean and happy. As the room has a large wall of windows there is a lot of natural light coming in so I wanted to really capitalize on that.

Let’s explore the details of the Master Bedroom!

The Beginning of the Design

The design for the master bedroom started with embracing the natural light of the room and the Aerin blue and white bedding I found. This influenced the rest of the design for the master bedroom so I wanted to create a beautiful backdrop for this so the bedding can really shine.

The Finishes

I wanted to frame the wall where the bed is positioned so I had a grid wall built onsite and painted in the trim color to match the other trim work. The main wall color is Evans Greige.


I sourced the furniture from a variety of different places because of the specific look and feel I wanted to create. I’ve learned that blue and white needs some black elsewhere in the room so it looks sharp, not too sweet, but just right. 

When I found this bed I knew it was perfect for the room! And while the bed is from Serena and Lily, I actually purchased a used one which I found locally.

The nightstands are actually dressers. I love using reclaimed or antique furniture pieces to make an interior unique. The dressers I found are larger than the average nightstand because I like using oversized furniture pieces to ground a room. These have been centered on the windows.

I added a blue armchair to the corner as an extra pop of color and accent piece. Near the large French doors I chose a white chaise that is slipcovered so it’s easy to zip off and wash. It’s super comfortable and perfect for curling up and reading a book.

On the empty wall opposite the bed I wanted to add something simple yet elegant, so I found this slim alter style console table that has then been styled with ginger jars and books.

Window Treatments

Instead of going down the traditional custom window treatment route, I found an amazing Amazon seller that makes drapery panels. I was able to ask them to leave the first pleat out so it created a flat area for a trim detail. When these arrived I hot glued the trim on to the outer area that was left.

In addition to the drapery panels, I have installed fixed roman shades with a standard store bought roller shade behind. The roman shades are purely decorative, but the roller shade behind has a remote so privacy can be easily achieved while maintaining the pristine look throughout the day.


Instead of using a ceiling light in the center of the room, I have installed a ceiling fan from Fanimation. On the perimeter of the room I have used standard spot lights to fully illuminate the bedroom.

On the nightstands we have used these elegant table lamps that dress the nightstands perfectly. And to create the perfect little reading corner by the white chaise, I have used this floor lamp. It’s a great little corner!


To finish off the master bedroom, I’ve added an array of books, ginger jars, plants and decorative pieces to style the various surfaces.

Firstly I wanted to add a large rug to soften the floor and add some natural texture to the room. It seemed only right to purchase a budget friendly sisal rug. You can spend hundreds and thousands on large rugs but for simple natural textured ones like this, you won’t notice a difference in quality by going cheaper. 

I like to style rooms with faux trees so there’s no need to worry about watering them – or unintentionally killing them! This one is my favorite that I use a lot.

I found a gorgeous black and white abstract piece of artwork that works well for the wall to the left of the bed. For behind the bed, I found a traditional federal mirror to install.

All of these accessories work well together by balancing the blue and white colors with black and dark brown items as grounding items. The natural textures used throughout the room help to add visual interest and comfort throughout too.

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Hello there! I’m Lori Evans, Interior Designer and co-owner of Evans Construction & Design. Welcome to my world! I created this blog to share all the projects, tips, ideas and inspiration that I have. My goal is to help you make your rooms look even better than your Pinterest boards!

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