Toddler + Teen Playroom | One Room Challenge, Week 5

It’s week 5 and we are in the home stretch! It’s Decision Time!

If you’re just joining in, here’s a recap. I’m in the middle of a six week challenge from House Beautiful and Calling It Home to make over our playroom for the One Room Challenge.  This playroom will accommodate my teen girl and toddler boy and give them each their “space”. Teenage girls need their “space”, or so I’ve heard, repeatedly.

Everything has arrived, the painting and plastering are all done and it’s time to make some decisions and set the room up. I call this week Decision Time because I always over-order and have options for the installation. Like, lots of options. I’ve learned over the years, the more options, the better.  No matter how much you plan, things don’t always look the way you intend. I have backups for stools, tables, pillows, rugs and more. So, let’s walk through a few of the options together!


I know, it’s slightly ugly, but this is going to be the table. I would never typically select something I’m not fond of, but this is for my little man and he LOVES it. The top has a lego side and it makes him so happy. Who am I to keep it from him?  The original selection (below) is much nicer but it’s just too big for the space. Maybe we’ll plan to replace the toddler table with the concrete, larger one in the future.

ugly table is a keeper!
cool concrete table is a no go


For the chairs, the galvanized metal versions below arrived and they are going back. They’re too tall and “tippy”. I found these super cute animal stools at my local TJMaxx and they are perfect.

going back
super cute!


The bookshelves are here and are really great. has so much more than Target stores. If you’ve never looked at their home and furniture pieces,  you should check them out. These bookshelves are heavy, well made and durable. My little guy will test that, I’m sure. My original plan was to use a combination of galvanized steel bins and wicker baskets, one row of each, duplicated in each bookshelf. But, when the galvanized steel bins arrived, I immediately realized I’d made a mistake. They were much heavier and rugged than I imagined. I found a great replacement. Again, saves the day! These gray fabric bins fit nicely and still break up the shelves.

bookshelf perfection!
you’re too pointy!
wicker basket is staying


you can stay, too


The animal heads arrived and we got a jumpstart on hanging them. Aligning them with the horizontal stripes was a trial and error process, but I like how it’s turned out. Did I yell at my husband in the process? Maybe. He likes to measure. I like to eyeball it.


Pillows, accessories, art and lots more to do this week. Lots of returns to make, too! I can’t wait to reveal the final room next week.  What do you think about the progress so far?

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And pin this to your Pinterest boards for future reference!

Are you following along with the 20 designers posting on Wednesdays? And the other 200+ designers posting in Thursdays? There are some really great rooms.  Check them out and come back here next week for another update.





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