Toddler + Teen Playroom | One Room Challenge, Week 3

Here we are at the halfway point of Calling It Home and House Beautiful‘s One Room Challenge. I think we’re off to a good start! We have a great backdrop to work with (see here for last week’s progress) and now it’s time to get some things on order and decide on a rug. We must make our six week deadline and luckily, I have a plan!

This week I ordered the World Map banner (below) that will define the toddler “side” of the room. I love the colors and overall look. This will go over a bookcase full of toys with possibly the star shown below, above it. The ceilings are 10′ and the banner alone just doesn’t fill up the space vertically enough. Stacking smaller above larger is a nice way to create a focal wall.

World Map Banner

Wood Star

My plan is to order the concrete topped Restoration Hardware kids table below, but I fear it may be a bit too big. I don’t want to overwhelm the area, but I love it. I mean, it’s concrete! How cool is that? My little guy still likes to play on the floor and moving the table out of the way might be nice every once in a while.  The alternative isn’t nearly as cute but may work better for him now. It also has a flip side to lock Legos into. But….it’s ugly. I can always order the cuter one later, right?

Concrete Top Play Table

Smaller Play Table (I know, I know, it’s ugly)

I am also ordering the stuffed animal heads this week and plan to configure them over the second bookcase. The challenge will be how to strategically place them with the horizontal stripes on the wall. To add to the mix, it looks like the heads are different heights. Some, like the bear, are more round while some, like the giraffe, are taller and more oval. I think I’ll order more than I intend to use. Things might get a little confusing.

Stuffed Animal Heads

Now, on to rugs! Generally, I like to over-order and see things in the space and there’s no exception here. My original plan was to use the black and white rug (below) but it’s always good to see some options. What do you think?

Black & White Obadiah Rug 

Gray & White Jenella Rug | Black & White Abstract Rug | Neutral Taupe Rug

Finally, the bookcases need to be ordered along with the baskets to fill them. I plan to use a row of galvanized steel “Locker Baskets” (found here) along with a row of milk crate wicker baskets (found here). I like the idea of mixing up the rows so theres not too much of a good thing.

Threshold Walnut Bookcase

Metal Locker Bins

Wicker Milk Crates

So, that’s the plan for the week. Order, order, order! I’m happy with how it’s coming along. What do you think? Rug opinions? Table opinions? All feedback is welcome. 🙂

Are you following along with the 20 designers posting on Wednesdays? And the other 200+ designers posting in Thursdays? I am glued each week! Check them out come back here next week for another update.

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