Building Our Dream Home – Selecting Bathtubs

Photo courtesy of MTI Baths

How do you begin designing a dream bathroom? I like to start with the tub! There’s really nothing more dramatic than a gorgeous free-standing piece of art, that also happens to double as a bathtub. With so many beautiful tubs available, how do you choose? Let’s walk through the process together!

*If you’re just joining us, this is another installment of a series documenting the building of our personal dream home. So far we’ve tackled:

Inspiration | Floorplan | Location | Breaking Ground | Roofing | Windows | Insulation | Sheetrock & Plaster  | Selecting Paint Selecting Flooring


When it was time to start thinking about my personal bathroom, I knew I had to start with the tub and I knew I had to start with the absolute best tubs…MTI. They make the most beautiful, sculptural tubs  you see time and time again while thumbing through design magazines. I was lucky enough to score an invite to MTI’s factory, just outside Atlanta, and let me sum it up in one word…amazing! The people couldn’t be nicer and the factory couldn’t be cooler. It ran with precision and I got an in depth tour of what they make and how they make it. Let’s take a look!


Basically, they make three different types of tubs…acrylic, mineral composite and a solid material called SculptureStone. All three are gorgeous and I quickly saw the differences. Watching these tubs being made was FASCINATING!


To form an acrylic tub, they start with a sheet of acrylic and form it over a mold. Because they are hand-making each one, you can add a ton of cool options… air baths, whirlpool jets, lights (chromatherapy), aromatherapy…you name it!  The result is a custom tub with a beautiful  sleek and shiny finish. Classic and gorgeous!


This solid material is really like artwork. Liquid is poured into a mold and cured to create a SOLID piece of sculpture that also happens to be a tub! You can outfit it with an air bath or keep it as a soaking tub. Each tub is then hand sanded into a matte or glossy finish. Hand sanded! The matte finish takes 4 solid hours and the shiny 8…unbelievable.

The Contenders

I narrowed down my options to the following 3 tubs for my personal Master Bath; The Juliet, The Elise and The Parisian.

MTI Baths’ Elise
MTI Baths’ Juliet
MTI Baths’ Parisian

Then I photoshopped them into my room to get a sense of the scale.

I love all three, I really do. Honestly, you can’t go wrong here.

Decision Time

I decided to go with the classic Elise tub. It’s timeless, stunning and really a work of art. I added an air bubbler system and went with the glossy finish. I can’t WAIT to see it in!

MTI Baths’ Elise Tub


But wait, I have 2 kids that probably want a bathtub too! Ahh! With all the excitement about my tub, I almost forgot about them! I actually have 5 kids, but 3 of them are on their own and can buy their own damn bathtubs! 🙂

I found one tub that would work for both kids, then customized it differently to suit them.

Now to add all of the fun options!

So many ways to customize! Click on the image above to see all of their super cool features.


My teen daughter would love ALL of the bells and whistles…Bluetooth speakers built-in, Chromatherapy and an Air Bath. She’ll love it!


My five year old little boy would do just fine with no bath, ever, so we’ll keep his simple with an air bubbler system. MTI makes it super easy to customize the tubs for each person


The tubs started to arrive and they are STUNNING! They are made to order, right here in the USA. I can’t wait to see them installed. Stay tuned!


So, what do you think? Did I choose the right one? What would you have selected?


Note:  This post is sponsored by MTI Baths.  All of the opinions are mine, I promise.






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