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Floating Girl
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Interior design? New home construction? Blogs? What a beautiful marriage!
Who wants nothing more than to dive into beautifully designed, expertly curated rooms and recreate them on their own? Sign me up!
Want to know the ins and outs of choosing paint colors?
Need to know how to style your bookshelves?
Need to recreate the room you love on a budget?
Desperate for guidance while building your home?
We’ll cover it all!

My dear husband and I own a custom home building and interior design firm in Gainesville, Florida. (Go Gators!) We’ve learned a lot over the last 20+ years (please don’t do the math) and want to share our passion with you. I graduated from The University of Florida and put off going to grad school to work for a local builder. I fell in love with the design process, new home construction, and the industry as a whole. Grad school kept getting delayed, then I met my husband, we married and started our own Construction & Design firm. Boom! Here we are.

Custom home built by Evans Construction & Design
Custom Home Built by Evans Construction & Design

Why a blog, you ask? A couple reasons. First, the negatives:  I am a terrible writer, cuss a fair amount, have five kids, and more work than I can handle. Ha! The positives: I see a lot of clients’ stress, freak-outs, and sleepless nights over making selections for their homes and I KNOW that I can help. Design should be fun and an expression of your personality, not the bane of your existence. Creating a blog seems like the ideal thing to do! 😉 Honestly, I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time and am just getting the courage to put it together. Scary stuff.

So, we’ve created the Evans edit. Each week we’ll tackle subjects that will help you create the home you’ve envisioned! I bet your Pinterest boards look AMAZING and we’ll help you get your home to look even better!

Bathroom remodel
Bathroom remodel by Evans Construction & Design

Have an idea for a topic, need help with a room? Please comment below and we’ll address it. Seriously, please comment below. 🙂

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