Building Our Dream Home – Inspiration

I’m so excited to bring this series to life. Over the next 12 months, we will be following the progress of building our personal home.  Before we get in to the particulars of this new project, let’s set the stage. We recently sold our home (you can see all the images here) and are rebuilding in the same neighborhood. We have a heavily wooded piece of property that will soon hold our dream home! We are excited and have one year to complete the project. No pressure.


Where do you start?

So, where do you start when you’re a builder and designer and decide to build your own dream home? For us, inspiration! A clear vision that will help us turn this idea into reality is a must. Before we dive into the particulars of floorplans, kitchens, baths and materials, we need an overriding theme, a vision. I have one! I like to call what I have in mind for this home “If Ralph Lauren moved to the Hamptons…but he was poor…” That’s a pretty clear vision, isn’t it?


What does that look like?

To me, it looks like this.


Pinterest to Organize

Anytime I start a new project, I like to pull inspirational images from various sites and view them all together. Pinterest works great for that. (You can follow any or all of these boards on Pinterest here).


So, there you have it. The initial inspiration for our dream home. What do you think?


Over the next year we will be documenting the progress of this home from conception to completion. I hope you’ll stick with us!




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