Does Your Warm Color Scheme Look Dated? I Have A Trick!

I know, I know, you think warm colored rooms are out. You want gray, it’s everywhere. But, warm is not a bad word. A warm room can look chic, inviting…cozy….while still being fresh and current. I promise! I have a trick, so stick with me.


When you think of a room with a warm color scheme, you likely think of the 1990’s “Tuscan” look that was prevalent. It was bad. Really, really bad. Let’s take a look.





So, what was so bad about these  rooms? Let’s break them down before we look at how to do a warm color scheme successfully.

Each room had

-huge bloated furniture

-matched sets…bad ones

-dated furniture pieces

-fake materials

It’s not the coloration that’s wrong with these rooms. It’s the items IN the rooms. Dated, ugly and just tacky.


What To Do Instead

Let’s take a look at some rooms done in a warm color scheme done “correctly”. Timeless, classic, and WARM. Then let’s talk about that trick. 🙂

What is so great about these rooms is that they are warm AND fresh. Hard to pull off? No, not really. I have a trick.


Do your thing with the warm furnishings…leather, cinnamon fabrics, rich brown accents, you name it…but mix it all with white. Keep the walls fresh and clean, slightly bare. This keeps the warm palette from becoming too much and will definitely never look dated. My favorite white paints EVER area all in a nice little chart for you here.

Let’s look at some more.


Do you see what I mean? The rooms are fresh and still warm. This whole gray fad is going to go away, I promise. A warm, cozy room will stand the test of time. Mix with white and you’re golden!


Here are my favorite white paints again for your reference. Plus not to pin to your Pinterest boards for future reference.



What do you think?

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