7 Color Combos Designers Swear By

“What color should I go with?” is a question I’m often asked. Well, it really depends on what you like! There are a million ways to create a great room and color is definitely a determining factor. Designing something that YOU love and are excited about really starts with color, in my opinion. Here are seven of my go to color combinations that work each and every time!


1 Blue and White

Classic, timeless, fresh and clean. Blue and white can go nautical, farmhouse or traditional and always looks good!


2 Gray and Tan

An odd combo, maybe, but chic, nevertheless. A way to mix neutrals and keep things looking sharp. Gray and tan is a great way to mix warm and cool tones.


3 Black and White

The easiest combo to achieve. Black and white can look modern and sleek, or even warm and inviting, all depending on the execution. To keep things “friendly” keep the white warmer mix in some natural materials.


4 Blush Pink and Gold

Also know as “millennial pink”, this combo is very current. A nice addition to a neutral room, a few pink and gold accessories can freshen things up nicely.


5 Orange and Blue

Being an avid Florida fan (Go Gators!), I am partial to this combo. Using navy and burnt orange is a great version of this classic pairing.


6 Grass Green with Black and White

Kate Spade brought this color combo to the masses, but it has always been a designer go-to. Very impactful, use this combo carefully so you don’t overwhelm the room.


7 White with Natural Raffia

Boring? Nope! Fresh, open, clean and crisp. Intentional white spaces are some of my favorite. To keep things interesting, mix pattern and texture. Natural raffia, wood and metal spices up an otherwise all white room.


What do you think? Which is your favorite? Comment below! 🙂


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