Designer Crush: Lillian August

Have you ever seen something that just blew you away? It starts with- what IS this, why haven’t I ever seen this before? Then it quickly moves into- I have to have this, ALL of this! I’ll never forget the first time I saw Lillian August furniture and design in general. Fresh out of college, still learning the ropes, I stumbled upon her showroom at High Point Market in North Carolina. I was overwhelmed! Traditional but fresh, luxurious but not stuffy.  I had the pleasure of meeting Lillian herself years later and she did not disappoint. Gracious, talented and just lovely all around. I have followed her design over the years and it just gets better and better. She has furniture lines, a design firm and stores.  I was lucky enough to visit her store in Connecticut recently. Amazing! I had to buy a pillow as a souvenir and cram it into my carry on for posterity. Well worth it!

Lillian August is a brand I go to constantly for inspiration and to see how they translate the current trends in a livable way.

Here are a few of my favorite images. Enjoy!


All photos via Lillian August

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